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DAILY HUMANITARIAN FLIGHTS: Kamaka Air has provided free air cargo flights 7 days a week helping neighboring islands to get donated meals and supplies. Learn more about our efforts here…

Air Cargo in Hawaii

OUR KAMAKA AIR OHANA ensures the service is fast, personalized, and convenient for you. We provide freight delivery services for both individuals and businesses. There are regularly scheduled cargo flights every weekday morning, as well as on-demand charters seven days a week.

Kamaka Hawaii Air Cargo Flights Map
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    to any airport in Hawaii.
    with every shipment to Molokai!
    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    to Lanai & Molokai when dropped off before 9am in Honolulu.*
    with every shipment to Molokai!
    (OGG) 3 times a week – Mon, Wed & Fri.

Special Cargo

EXPERIENCE MATTERS: We specialize in transporting cargo that needs extra attention. From live animals, perishable foods, HAZMAT, and even oversized cargo, drop off your prized possessions with us and we will treat them with the utmost care. Even your dog will enjoy the flight!

BEST RATE: $27.25 to ship 50 Lbs (Honolulu to Lanai or Molokai)

$27.25 to ship 50 Lbs
(Honolulu to Lanai or Molokai)

*Dimensional weights may apply

Our Clients

  •   I put a order with a plumbing company on Oahu, they delivered the water heater to Kamaka Air Cargo. I got the heater delivered to the small island of Molokai the next day and got it installed the same day. this saved me a ton of grief.  Very fair price, fast, efficient, and friendly service.  I will definitely use them again. Mahalo Jay

    thumb Jay M.
  •   Needed to ship a box to Molokai. Service was friendly and professional. Got to Molokai in tact with zero damage. Will definitely be using kamaka air again!

    thumb Maia P.
  •   Thank you so much to Kamaka Air. Needed to ship my dog over to Molokai. Called on a Sunday and left a message, owner called back immediately and out my fears at ease. Talked me through the process and assured me my baby Oliver would be better then fine. Dropped Oliver off Monday at 9 am, Jackie came out to greet us and I could tell immediately that Oliver would be okay. Picked Oliver up in Molokai and he was great! So, so happy with Kamaka and all the people who work there!

    thumb Marti M.
  •   In the last couple of weeks I've used Kamaka Air twice.
    Never heard of this Cargo service going to Lānai, until my sister
    had mentioned it to me. My little grand-niece wanted a bike for her
    Birthday, so I got one for her. I probably wouldn't have bought the bike
    for her, if I didn't know about Kamaka Air Cargo.
    Big Mahalo to Kamaka Air Cargo. You made my grand-nieces birthday
    a very special one.
    Had some questions before I made the drop off...... SERVICE UNREAL!!
    On Yelp I had Lindsey and John answer my questions, it wasn't long of a wait to get a response from them. Even when I dropped off at Kamaka
    Sam was very helpful and gave a few tips on future drop offs I may have.
    Super good service. And I will definitely use this service again in the future.
                              ALOHA AND MAHALO!   John

    thumb John B.
Kamaka Air Inc
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Kenneth Kapule
Kenneth Kapule
07:07 09 Mar 20
George Benda
George Benda
19:20 24 Dec 19
Consistently amazing service and nice people
Martin B
Martin B
02:31 29 Aug 18
Phil Ramil
Phil Ramil
02:02 16 Jun 18
Friendly staff. Bring things in before 9am for same day service.
Sean Chun
Sean Chun
07:09 20 Jul 17
Fast and reliable
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