Kamaka Air Cargo donates the cost of shipping 57 cats from Lanai Cat Sanctuary to Maui. Workers transport the cats from Lanai Cat Sanctuary to Kamaka Air. Upon arrival to Maui, the Maui Humane Society carefully transports the cats to a much larger plane. This is part of a huge effort to move hundreds of Hawaii cats and dogs to the mainland. The non-profit “Greater Good Charities” will transport the cats from Maui to the mainland in a C-130 according to KITV4 Island News.

When COVID-19 caused shutdowns on the islands, pets were not being adopted as quickly as is typical. The Kaua‘i Humane Society partnered with Greater Good Charities and Wings of Rescue to fly over 600 shelter dogs and cats from Hawai‘i to the U.S. mainland. This makes Paws Across the Pacific is the largest pet rescue flight in history. The big transport happened on October 29, 2020.